ka-bar bk2 review

What’s to say about the Ka-Bar BK2 that hasn’t been said before? It’s bullet-proof, weighty, and can baton a car in half if you will it to do so. It can be sharpened to take… Read More

Esee 4HM with Sheath and Lanyard

Two years ago, my now wife bought me my Esee 4HM for Christmas. Two years later, it’s the fixed blade that rides on my belt on every outdoor adventure. While I’ll still reach for other… Read More

lanksy sharpenign system

I’ve never been able to produce a sharper knife than when using the Lanksy sharpening system. Rather than being a whetstone-type system, the Lanksy sharpening system has guided rods that hone an edge with various… Read More

Kershaw 1555Ti Cryo

One of the knives I’ve owned for longest that makes its way into the rotation is the Kershaw 1555Ti. It’s cheap, I’m never worried about putting it through things, and it stays sharp beautifully with the… Read More