free diver snorkeling

Living in coastal California sure has its perks. I’ve recently gotten back into the water with a spear in hand as another vehicle to explore and partake in nature. The dark blue waters on the surface of the Pacific hide incredible life. While not always Atlantic-clear, there are often times where the visibility is clear enough to hunt. Here, I threw together a quick video of some local beach shore diving and spearfishing in Malibu. Spearfishing in Malibu While there are areas that are a bit remote, I wanted to cover simple shore diving with minimal gear off of the sand in Malibu. There haveRead More →

lanksy sharpenign system

I’ve never been able to produce a sharper knife than when using the Lanksy sharpening system. Rather than being a whetstone-type system, the Lanksy sharpening system has guided rods that hone an edge with various stones. We’re talking hair splitting sharp. Lanksy Sharpening System Pros: Extremely effective Guided, consistent sharpening Multiple angles depending on knife Multiple Uses Comes with honing oil I’m convinced there is no way to get a sharper knife than a guided system. The 4-angles provided allow you to put a different angle on the edge of your knife, which opens the door to customizations to your knife. I love this. IfRead More →

Kershaw 1555Ti Cryo

One of the knives I’ve owned for longest that makes its way into the rotation is the Kershaw 1555Ti. It’s cheap, I’m never worried about putting it through things, and it stays sharp beautifully with the Lanksy sharpening system. As a utility knife that is cutting open boxes, rubber hoses, or anything that needs a clean cut; this is my go-to. Everyday Carry The Kershaw 1555Ti makes it into my pocket more often than most other items. I work a desk gig and tend to not want to keep too many things on me. I keep a minimalist wallet, keys, watch, chapstick, headphones, my phone, andRead More →

tool dip on a wet suit

Waterproofing a cheap wet suit can turn a $40 wet suit into something reasonably useful. The problem with lower end wet suits isn’t that the neoprene fabric itself isn’t waterproof, but more likely, the quality of stitching and ability to keep cold water out. With a bit of ingenuity, you can greatly improve the ability of a cheap wetsuit to keep water out. However, it may not be as nice against the skin as a nicer wetsuit. For this DIY, I’ll be focusing more on closed-cell neoprene, as that is the material that is more widely available and cheaper. Open-cell neoprene is usually found inRead More →


In a world full of high tech solar backpacks and GPS applications that digitize the experience of walking through tall grass, I can’t help but think that we’ve lost our ability to get lost. I indulge in the recollections of childhood when you could be on your way to adventure with just a pocket knife, a bandanna, and a lucky feather. On this high desert hike to see what adventure I can find, I also bring a cheap gimbal to record a video. The high desert chaparral is full of flora, fauna, and adventure. Going off of the trail and into the bush has rewardedRead More →

Navigation using an analog watch is based on the principle of where the sun rotates in the sky based on whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun rotates along the Southern part of the sky. The earth mostly rotates along the equator that divides the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, so for us Northerners, the sun will be in the Southern part of the sky. One of the common practices in hunting is to hunt the North-facing slopes. This side of a hill or mountain stays generally cooler than the other slopes that face other directions. When buildingRead More →

Leatherman Wave Review

The saw function on a multitool is something I never knew I needed. After I did the SAK Camper review a few months back, I’ve been reaching for it more often than my Leatherman Skeletool CX as my companion for the day. Having pliers would be more useful for everyday emergencies, but there is something that inspires me about having a saw in the pocket. After a bit of consideration, the Skeletool was listed on ebay and I started my search to find a multi-tool with pliers that would be suitable for everyday carry. Here’s my Leatherman Wave review: Pros of the Leatherman Wave for EDC:Read More →

sak camper saw cutting through log

The SAK Camper, also known as the Victorinox Swiss Army Camper, is a workhorse of a multitool. While it is an obvious everyday carry option, I’m under the impression that there are many observed pitfalls to the reliability of one as a bushcraft tool. I’ve read of many experts that would gladly reach for a Swiss Army Knife and some survival schools are even promoting this as the only-tool of choice. I took the opportunity to take a light hike and do an SAK Camper review. It was the only tool I brought with me outside of my steel Klean Canteen, a fanny pack, andRead More →

DIY Christmas Gift Inlayed Checkers Board

My friends and I decided that we are doing a DIY Christmas gift exchange this year, Secret Santa style. Because the group is starting to breed and buy up California shacks, there wasn’t as much disposable income to shower each other with $50 gifts as we’d normally do. The rules this year were simple: you can’t buy anything. While watching Alone Season 4 (surprise!), I noticed that two contestants, Brooke and Dave Whipple, had spent some time making a bushcraft DIY checkers board to keep themselves entertained. I figured I could take on a more colorful version of that for the family man whose nameRead More →

I’ve been overdue for a scandi folding knife. Being a guy that gravitates towards higher priced, premium examples of sharp objects, I’ve been going back and forth on the Enzo Birk scandi folder in s30v for about a year. At the price point, however, I just can’t pull the trigger. I already have a premium steel folder in VG-10 that I’ve been meaning to add scales and make into an heirloom quality knife. The problem with this is that I don’t seem to abuse the ones meant to be abused. I don’t know if it’s the price point or the beauty of the piece, but IRead More →