Tactical Wallet Stove


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The ultralight Pocket Stove Wallet changes your everyday carry game. Not only does this wallet stove serve as an RFID blocking minimalist wallet, it also transforms into a functional pocket stove. Use this spartan platform to raise your pot off of the ground and control directional wind. Use solid fuel, like cotton balls in petroleum jelly, to bring your cup to a boil, or use tinder and kindling for longer term cooking. It can also be used with solid-fuel cubes.

This is practical adventure design with bushcraft inspiration. Everything should have a multi-purpose use, and knowledge saves weight. The weight and bulk savings for your ultralight backpack are doubled here by removing both your current wallet and stove. The convenience of a pocket stove you’ll actually carry in your pocket is a luxury.

Minimalist Wallet

As a minimalist wallet, the thick aluminum, raw metal finish is professional, sleek, and office ready. It’s bound together by a standard 7 x 1/2-in wristband which allows for easy customization with other silicone wristbands. Keep your cards inside while using the exterior as a money clip.

Pocket Stove

In pocket stove mode, the slotted plates fit flush, creating a stable platform for a backcountry pot, cup, or pan.

Wipe off the soot after using the wallet stove to keep it’s outdoor character. To clean, use rubbing alcohol and some elbow grease to restore the clean aluminum look.

Wallet Stove Details

Made from premium 12 gauge 6061 grade aluminum with a raw finish, it’s is light, tough, and stylish. It is just as suited for the office as it is ultralight backpacking. Further, we made the wallet with customization in mind. It uses easy-to-find silicone bands. Any 7in x 1/2in (youth) sized bracelet will work to bind your wallet together, giving you the ability to add a personal touch to your EDC.