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You Can Actually Carry this Tactical Wallet Stove in Your Pocket

I hate carrying big packs. There’s no secret to it. I prefer ultralight day packs for multi-day trips and lumbar packs for day trips. If I can get rid of something, I will. As an answer to my own problem, I’ve designed a minimalist tactical wallet that turns into a functional camp pocket stove. Call it a wallet stove, or a stove wallet, or whatever — this thing is sweet. I’m carrying a wallet with me at all times anyhow, so might as well make it something that could be something useful.

Minimalist Wallet First, Pocket Stove Second

For starters, the Hack Outdoors Tactical Wallet is a wallet. It’s a minimalist wallet that follows the design of two metal plates bound together by nylon or a silicone band. In this case, it uses a standard youth-sized silicone wristband measuring about 7in x 1/2in. If you want a little personalization on your wallet, this makes things easy.

The plates themselves are bare aluminum of decent quality and the thickness is about 2mm. This feels high quality and has a premium look to it, before being used as a pocket stove.

minimalist wallet pocket stove

A Tactical Wallet that Turns Into a Camping Pocket Stove

As a camp stove, there are better options. The Pocket Stove Wallet doesn’t have 4-walls, adding a level of risk to balancing your cup or pot. However, at the thickness, rigidity, and fitment, the two plates hold up a full kidney-bean pot easily. It does take a little care to make sure you’re on a level surface but I didn’t lack any confidence when putting my pot onto the camp pocket stove.

jonny ranger pocket stove wallet

Using a cotton ball in petroleum jelly, I boiled a hot cup of coffee at the top of the mountain on my morning hike. The cotton ball in petroleum burned for several minutes giving me ample time to warm my drink over the Jonny Ranger wallet stove.

The petroleum fire did cause soot to appear on my wallet plates, but rubbed off easily, enough to put my credit cards back in without worry about filth.

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