hunter orange diy paracord shoelaces on brown boots

Upgrade your Boots with Paracord Shoelaces

My boots have been with me for the better part of a decade. The brown, waterproof leather boots made as winter-wear have seen many great adventures. There’s nothing wrong with the laces that are on there. They’re totally fine. They’re heavy duty cotton braid and haven’t frayed beyond use. However, they aren’t fly. I made them way better by making DIY paracord shoelaces.

How to Make Paracord Shoelaces


I recently wrote about paracord uses in survival and how paracord can be used to procure 3 out of the 4 requirements of survival. As such, I’ve replaced anything I can with 550 paracord as a means of just having it when I need it. Making paracord shoelaces to replace my boot laces is the perfect way to store a good amount on my person.

550 paracord shoelace project for boot laces

First, measure two lengths of paracord as long as the shoelaces that you want to replace. Then, cut to size.

heat shrink tubing on paracord for shoelaces

Grab two pieces of heat shrink tube that the paracord easily fits through, and cut those in half. You should have 4 sections of heat shrink tubing to match the 4 loose ends of your shoelaces.

orange paracord shoelaces on brown boots

Put the heat shrink tubing on the edge of each end of paracord. I recommend lining it up so that 1-3mm of paracord is sticking out from the tube. This will allow you to melt the end of paracord to prevent fraying or slippage.

The Flyest Hunting Boots

I don’t know if people still use ‘fly’ as slang, but I can’t think of a better way to describe the facelift these boots just got. They look cool as hell now, wrapped in blaze orange. The look of brand new laces on aged leather gives me feelings somewhere between #elkstrong and #campvibes. The look fits me, but your mileage may vary. Good thing paracord comes in a million colors.

vintage hunting boots

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