About Hack Outdoors

Welcome to Hack Outdoors, an online magazine for outdoor enthusiasts to learn more about bushcraft, survival, hunting, fishing, and being a general bushy person. If you’re interested in adventure, knowledge, and community, then you’re in the right place.

Ray Mears, a bushcraft legend, is quoted in saying, “The more you know, the less you have to carry.” This philosophy is the cornerstone of Hack Outdoors. This publication builds around this philosophy and is literally about hacking the outdoors. Thriving outside is easy when you have the knowledge to do it.

Hack Outdoors shares efficient solutions to questions like:

Whether you’re an experienced in the outdoors or just starting to explore, you’ll find valuable tips, tricks, and reviews about the wilderness and skills to thrive outside.

Our Mission

My mission is make great adventures accessible by hacking the outdoors. I want to equip people with easy to learn skills and knowledge to make the outdoors less daunting. Equipped with tips and tricks about bushcraft and survival, anyone can feel more confident taking their adventures to the next level.

With outdoor hacks, anyone and thrive outside.

What We Offer

  • Adventure Stories: Read my first-hand adventure stories about hunting, fishing, camping, and general outdoor exploration. My vehicle to connect with nature and sharpen my skills is done through time outside. I’m learning more and sharing my experiences for others.
  • Outdoor Skills: The things I’ve learned, I’ve applied. Whether its inspiration for bushcraft ideas or learning now to navigate using an analog watch, there are plenty of outdoor tips and tricks to add to your own knowledge base.
  • Gear Reviews and Recommendations: I go deep on reviewing things I’ve researched for myself and purchased. From knives and multi-tools to outdoor watches and backpacks, I review and recommend gear I’d use myself, and gear I’d avoid using. Some stuff is marketing over function, but I buy that too!
  • Youtube Content: Join me on my filmed adventures where I teach about wilderness skills, camping tricks, and review some interesting gear that may not fit the mold.

About Me

As a kid who grew up in an urban setting, I’ve found myself enamored by stories of the wild. I grew up watching survival and bushcraft shows, being inspired by outdoor magazines, and losing myself in coming of age stories set in the wilderness. My parents were city slickers, but I found the inspiration to get myself outside and find my adventures.

Inspiration becomes action.

Today, I’m a big and small game hunter, bird dog trainer, spearfisherman, underground explorer, treasure hunter, overlander, wild foods forager, and rock hound. I have a passion for wildlife, wild places, and sharing those experiences with readers and friends.

Get in Touch

You can get in touch with me directly at jon@hackoutdoors.com or through any of my social media channels.

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