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Mako Big Game Traveler Pole Spear Review

The pole spear is like the traditional bow of the ocean. It’s a simple design: stick, pointy portion, rubber band. I like to think of fishing with a pole spear as being a stick hunter. Within this simple concept, there are complexities like hybrid materials, different types of tips, thickness, or debates around the use of aluminum vs carbon fiber for pole spears. The Mako Big Game Traveler Pole Spear is just as its name describes: sturdy, and packable.

The Mako Big Game traveler pole spear prioritizes durability and packability. The 3 sections of aluminum feel solid at 5/8″ thickness and screw in tightly. Upon arrival, I noticed that one of the sections was slightly bent by rolling it on a flat surface. There was wobble in the roll. However, Mako is one of the best customer service teams of any industry. My full-time job is working for a large retail organization so when I say that Mako’s customer service is top-notch, I really do mean it.

mako big game traveler pole spear
The Mako Big Game Traveler Pole Spear fits into the mesh carrying case alongside a few accessories including extra 5-foot band, slip tip, marine lubricant, and a file to sharpen the tip

Mako’s Customer Service

As an unbiased customer who paid full retail to Mako for this product, Mako’s customer service has made me a repeat customer. I bought the Mako Big Game pole spear over a year ago and more recently, I bought one of their wetsuits.

When I called their customer service to alert them about the bend in my pole spear, their customer service team was ready to make it right. Further, when is the last time the owner of a company called you in the evening after his trip to the gym? I’m not joking. Dano called me to make sure everything was made right and only asked that I go shoot some fish with the Mako Big Game pole spear. A replacement section was promptly sent and received.

Mako Big Game Traveler Pole Spear Review

Mako was sure to add the necessary additions to make this a vacationer. The 3 sections of spear come with two bands of different sizes. This allows the user to use it as a full-size 7-footer as intended. Remove a 2-foot section and you have yourself a 5-foot lion fish gig. It feels like the intent of this product is to be a Bahamas monster, where spearfishing is pole spear only.

With that use-case in mind, the Mako Big Game Traveler makes perfect sense. As a Californian, I can put this in my checked bag and make a trip out to the Caribbean without sacrificing much space. The mesh bag holds everything in a convenient package.

Durability is made a priority over high-speed performance as big reef fish aren’t fast swimmers, and I don’t need to worry about anything snapping. There are times that I’ve wanted a bit more speed, especially hunting on home turf off of the California Coast. This pole spear feels and hits heavy. When the spear does connect, fish under 18-inches won’t disagree with what just happened. It’s like being hit by a Tyson uppercut. This isn’t a ding, however, just a painted observation.

The range feels much lower than a glassed pole spear. I’ve seen videos of some incredible pole spears, costing way more than a simple stick should cost. Some of these hybrid spears appear to be shooting 10-15 feet out with accuracy. This aluminum pole spear is not one of those. The usable range on this feels to be closer to 5-feet of range. However, in those 5-feet, it feels like it could punch through a car door.

Final Thoughts

The Mako Big Game Traveler is made to hit big things and survive for a lifetime of use. What it lacks in speed, it makes up in durability and packability.

If you are looking for a high performing pole spear that you can shoot 10-15 feet out and hit a target, this isn’t it. However, if you do want that, you probably won’t be getting it in a 2-foot packed package. If you do get it to be 2-feet packed, it won’t last very long.

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