plan bait survival fishing tin

plan bait survival fishing tin

With a kid on the horizon, I find myself picking up the rod and reel more than I’m packing the wetsuit and speargun into the car. Last week, I even made some time after work to hit the surf and pulled in two decent barred surf perch. This got me thinking about spontaneous walks to the jetty, dock, or pier and how I could keep something that wouldn’t be too badly damaged if left in the heat of the car. In comes the Survival Fishing Kit from PlanBait, another project of mine.

PlanBait Survival Fishing Tin Contents

To start, you can easily make your own kit with the links above. The tin, however, is a bit larger than what you’d normally find in an Altoids can and actually fits a small spool of usable line. PlanBait packages are just the right size to fit into a survival tin or can be thrown into the bottom of a bag and simply forgotten about. Buying a ready made kit is convenient. It also makes for a great gift for the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life.

survival fishing kit

That said, the goal behind this particular survival fishing kit to be more than just a sum of it’s components. Many of the pocket fishing kits out there give you a lot of stuff like jigs and swivels. However, in the heat of a hot car in the middle of summer, soft bodied plastics melt and could become a mess. The PlanBait kit is spartan, meant to be cracked open to catch a few meals or kill a few hours on the dock before heading home.

The contents of the PlanBait “Plan B” bait package is small and meant for single use, but is resealable for use of bait in a survival scenario. The bait itself is dehydrated squid or mussels pieces that have been salted and vacuum sealed for maximum preservation. This stuff will have a shelf life for many years in poor conditions.

As avid people who like to fish, squid as a bait choice needs no explanation. It’s a universal bait that performs well in either saltwater or freshwater fishing.

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