survival lure from paracord

Fishing Hacks: How to Make a Survival Lure

Has fishing with over-the-counter lures and flies become so boring that you’re looking to spice it up? The paracord survival lure is probably one of the coolest survival or outdoor hacks you can do with some paracord, a hook, some fire, and fishing line.

This the perfect minimalist tactic to use with a PlanBait pocket survival fishing kit. My survival fishing kit lives in the car and ready to fish. Combo this with a branch and line fishing set up, and you should be outfitted to catch dinner.

Bushcraft 101: How to Make a Survival Lure

One of my favorite things to watch on Youtube right now is people being creative with DIY lures. These usually involve exotic woods, treble hooks, sealers, and airbrushed paint. These things are beautifully crafted with incredible detail that would fool the most observant of fish. This hack, however, does not produce that. This is for down and dirty catching.

First, take a small section of paracord that matches well to the hook. A single barb will produce something that resembles a fly. A treble hook will produce something that looks like a rooster tail lure.

Start by cutting your section of paracord oversize.

survival lure with paracord and a treble hook

After, cut the outer layer of paracord near the hook base end. Be careful, however, to not cut the strands inside. Also, make sure your cut is straight so that you can use some of the shell in your design.

cutting paracord to make a survival lure

You want to cut the outer layer enough so that the uncut portion covers the hook’s shaft.

bushcraft lure with paracord

Once you have your length of paracord to size, thread the hook through the center.

bushcraft lure making

After, heat up the portion near the eyelet to shrink wrap your hook’s shaft. This will keep the paracord in place.

bushcraft fishing lure

Once the inner strands are exposed, carefully unbraid those fibers and fan them out to produce a rooster tail or streamer style of fly.

survival lure from paracord

Voila, you’ve produced a quick and dirty survival lure from a hook and a section of paracord.

You can create a similar hacked survival fishing lure with a shoe lace, or section of twig, or whatever you can find. Have it, and have fun!

Happy hacking!

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