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Last updated on June 5th, 2020 at 10:20 pm

What the hell do I need a folding saw for? Why did I go out and buy one? Well, a flu-stricken weekend allotted me the time to binge watch a few seasons of Alone and I ended up making a pretty influenced purchase. Bring in the Bacho Laplander.

Bacho Laplander Folding Saw: Expert Recommended

I never really knew folding saws were a thing until I watched various names in bushcraft and outdoors pitch it. Ray Mears sells some through his site, Dave Canterbury endorses them, and the various Youtube users and Alone contestants swear by the ability to quickly saw down trees for shelter building. The folding aspect of the Bacho Laplander, and other folding saws, make it a quick grab for camping or yard work.

When we talk about tools for the job, the Bacho Laplander is a work horse for sawing things. The 7.5-inch blade feels just about right for most applications. I can make quick work of a tree branch and have even used it as a bone saw to quickly dismantle and field dress a buck. It works incredibly well and seems to be the perfect size for a packable saw. It fits in the bottom of my pack and I hardly notice it as a single item.

When I used it as a bone saw to cut the shanks and breast bone of my buck, having the tool was a blessing. Trying to use a knife for that kind of work would have been fine, but more difficult and less clean. The saw stayed sharp and not a tooth was bent in the process.

Do You Really Need One?

The quick answer is, ‘No, not really.”

If I were in an area that was only alpine trees and sawing was my number one passion, I could justify packing this thing. If my only goal was to camp in a forested area with lumber that needs sawing, I could make some space for this in my kit. However, I wouldn’t want to pack a single use tool that takes up this much space if I were to go on a backpacking trip. The Bacho Laplander, or any other folding saw, takes up a decent amount of space. In the world of folding saws, the Laplander probably takes less space than others.

It’s a really cool tool to have, and if I needed one, I’d buy the Bacho Laplander again. I really like having one, to be honest. However, for my purposes, I don’t think its coming with me in a hiking pack. It may have room in a back pocket of my Jeep, just in case.

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