paracord bk2 sheath modification

Bk2 Sheath Modification with Paracord

Last updated on October 17th, 2018 at 06:23 pm

After writing the Bk2 review and complaining about the Bk2 sheath being the biggest pain point, I did some thinking around it. At first, I was scouring eBay for a cheap sheath that could take it’s place. There are some quality pieces for under $40 but that isn’t much of an outdoor hack. Up0n inspecting Ka-Bar’s design,  turning the stock sheath into something better isn’t too much of a hassle.

The stock sheath can be set up in a cross draw fashion with material of your choosing. Traditionally, leather bands and buttons are used to create a hybrid Kydex/Leather look, but why not paracord? Paracord on the Bk2 sheath is a more versatile combination that allows for looping in a fire steel. Frankly, this amount of paracord is pretty handy if it was ever needed to be used to lash or build a bow drill set. The sheer volume of cordage here would look silly being used as a lanyard. Hook in a canteen and you have yourself a solid Core Four kit.

Bk2 Sheath Mod:

First, unscrew the screws that hold on the dangle belt-loop. There should be 4 and the whole assembly comes off.

bk2 sheath screws


After, take the 550 paracord of your choosing and start wrapping. This is how I did it:

cross draw paracord bk2 sheath

While simple, looping the paracord between the slots that makes sense creates a sturdy belt loop. I did not keep the cordage tight as we still need to easily slip a belt through. It is the first use, after all. It helps to slip a belt through before fashioning a knot to tie it all together.

paracord bk2 sheath modification

The second benefit of keeping it somewhat loose is the ability to add in a fire steel. Using a fire steel with a lanyard will help keep itself hooked.

There you have it. This is an easy Ka-bar Bk2 sheath made in minutes, virtually for free. With this Bk2 sheath hack, you can carry a knife, cordage, and fire all in one package.

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