jantz silver moose knife blank

Like most people, I don’t have a means to process my own steel blade. I don’t have the means to blacksmith or heat-treat a knife at home, though I will someday. In any case, I wanted to make a knife as a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece that I can gift or pass down at some point. I decided to craft a one-of-a-kind knife handle for a purchased blade blank using Alumilite resin. Alumilite casting has been pretty well documented for knife handle material and I thought I’d give it a shot. For this particular project, I used Alumilite RC-3 which dries to a solid color, and is the cheapest dollar-per-oz formula I could find.

Tools and Materials Used:

I do a lot of DIY stuff so I had some tools and material laying around. Some tools can be used in place of tools I used so I’ll try to list them out accordingly

Tools Used:

Materials Used:

jantz knife blank alumilite
Jantz Silvermoose with my Alumilite rough-cuts on the Alumilite how-to white paper

Jantz Knife Blank Choice:

I wanted a stainless steel hunting knife that would work as bushcraft knife and only be limited by the length of the blade. I ordered one of the more expensive Jantz Silver Moose pattern in CPMS 30V. This particular blade has high-carbon qualities that I wanted, like high hardness, and is still considered a full stainless blade material. The overall length is 7-5/8-inches with a blade length of 3-inches, width of 1-inch, and 1/8-inch thickness. As a hunting knife, this would be capable of processing both large and small game and should have great handling characteristics for skinning game. CPMS 30V is also supposed to be pretty good when it comes to edge retention and it seems like it so far, but I haven’t processed large game with it. I have made some feather sticks and batoned wood with it to test the bushcraft characteristics of the blade and everything passes well. The back of the knife even has a nice 90-degree edge on it which strikes a ferro rod well.

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