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Skeletool CX Review: Using a Multi-Tool for EDC

bailing wire handle
A set of pliers opens up a ton of bailing wire uses such as making handles for containers

Multi-tool for Outdoor Use:

If I’m in the desert or in the sticks, I’ll always have a full tang knife on me. With that in mind, a multi-tool in my pocket is much more useful than a pocket knife. Outside of tasks that a normal knife would accomplish, there are a ton of uses for the other tools on the Skeletool.

Multi-tools with Pliers:

Pliers have their place outdoors. As a Californian, I’m more often in the desert than I’m around wood for carving tools. Pliers are great for handling hot items coming out of the fire like cups or mess kits. They work great for taking a hook out of a fish. Pliers are incredibly useful for gear repair when things fail. The Skeletool pliers aren’t spring opening, so that’s something to get used to.

Multi-tools with Wire Cutters:

There aren’t many places that are totally untouched around here. Having wire cutters in the field is indispensable when you need to take apart barbed wire or bailing for your own use. With wire resources, there’s more than you can do with just a knife: make fish hooks, cook-set handles, roasting sticks, gear repair, hunting spears, and more. You can try to cut through wire with a knife, but you’ll be wrecking your blade in no time.

Bottle Openers are Useful:

This is one of the most underrated tools in the set that may get the most mileage. I camp with beer. I know people that camp with beer. Umm… beer. I’m sure it’s useful for other things, but I don’t want to damage the most important part of the tool. One thing I can think of using it for are prying pinecones apart for pine nuts. But again, beer. The Skeletool has a carabiner attachment for clipping on to your gear, too, though I don’t have much use for it.

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