Leatherman Wave Review

Leatherman Wave Review

The saw function on a multitool is something I never knew I needed. After I did the SAK Camper review a few months back, I’ve been reaching for it more often than my Leatherman Skeletool CX as my companion for the day. Having pliers would be more useful for everyday emergencies, but there is something that inspires me about having a saw in the pocket. After a bit of consideration, the Skeletool was listed on ebay and I started my search to find a multi-tool with pliers that would be suitable for everyday carry. Here’s my Leatherman Wave review:

Pros of the Leatherman Wave for EDC:

Leatherman Wave size comparison against a bic lighter
Leatherman Wave size comparison against a bic lighter

As this is a pocket tool review, we need to start with its ability to serve duty as an everyday device.

The size of the Leatherman Wave as a multi-tool is full. The pliers are full, the pocket tools are full, and there doesn’t seem to be compromises relative to what a multi-tool should be. It can saw things, cut things, cut things that require serrated blades, and file things with the 4 main tools that butterfly out while the pliers are closed. Opening the pliers provide immediate access to gripping things, stripping wire, and cutting wire. The wire cutters are not replaceable like in some other models. The secondary tools located in the handle are plenty useful as well – small glasses screwdriver, usable scissors, can opener, thick flat head screw driver, and bit driver with a double ended bit.

After carrying the Leatherman Wave as my EDC for months now, I’ve found that I pull it out of my pocket a lot for everyday tasks as well as creative tasks. If I don’t have my tool bag handy and need to do anything on my car’s carburetor, there’s a tool I can use.  The large prying device acts as a thick flat head screwdriver that fits well enough into the brass slots. A smaller flat head would tear my brass much more. I wouldn’t mind that particular tool to be thicker.

Cons of the Leatherman Wave for EDC:

Leatherman Wave with the deep pocket clip attachment
Leatherman Wave with the deep pocket clip attachment

Weight – The Leatherman Wave is heavier than any of my other pocket tools. While combining it with the deep carry pocket clip makes it much less noticeable as a pocket rider, pulling it in and out reminds you that this is a full sized tool. My right pocket has been dedicated to the task of holding the Leatherman as its only task. If I decide to drop a bolt into that pocket, the Leatherman Wave will need to come out before I can fish that bolt out of the depths of my pants.

The Leatherman Wave as an outdoor tool is 90% there. It has a knife, a saw, a serrated blade, pliers, and small tools that can get by in a pinch. The approach to putting the file as a non-detachable tool confuses me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used it, but I’d like to have the option to use it on the blades. The other thing that I’d like on this tool is a leather awl. I suppose the needs for leather repair is a thing of the past, but I could see this being a powerful tool in this compact arsenal.

Final Thoughts:

All of the tools are useful and fill in a ton of gaps when it’s your only tool. The Leatherman Wave allows for your inner MacGyver to operate without limitation. I’ve used the file to make and shape a pool cue tip out of a cork when out at a cabin last weekend. I’ve used both the scissors and the large blade to do detailed work like making paper gaskets. It is probably the most useful carry option I’ve encountered so far.

If you can deal with the weight of this tool as an EDC, it will return the service in spades. The pocket clip is required in my opinion.

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