Leatherman Wave Review

The saw function on a multitool is something I never knew I needed. After I did the SAK Camper review a few months back, I’ve been reaching for it more often than my Leatherman Skeletool CX as my companion for the day. Having pliers would be more useful for everyday emergencies, but there is something that inspires me about having a saw in the pocket. After a bit of consideration, the Skeletool was listed on ebay and I started my search to find a multi-tool with pliers that would be suitable for everyday carry. Here’s my Leatherman Wave review: Pros of the Leatherman Wave for EDC:Read More →

sak camper saw cutting through log

The SAK Camper, also known as the Victorinox Swiss Army Camper, is a workhorse of a multitool. While it is an obvious everyday carry option, I’m under the impression that there are many observed pitfalls to the reliability of one as a bushcraft tool. I’ve read of many experts that would gladly reach for a Swiss Army Knife and some survival schools are even promoting this as the only-tool of choice. I took the opportunity to take a light hike and do an SAK Camper review. It was the only tool I brought with me outside of my steel Klean Canteen, a fanny pack, andRead More →

I’ve been overdue for a scandi folding knife. Being a guy that gravitates towards higher priced, premium examples of sharp objects, I’ve been going back and forth on the Enzo Birk scandi folder in s30v for about a year. At the price point, however, I just can’t pull the trigger. I already have a premium steel folder in VG-10 that I’ve been meaning to add scales and make into an heirloom quality knife. The problem with this is that I don’t seem to abuse the ones meant to be abused. I don’t know if it’s the price point or the beauty of the piece, but IRead More →

Mike with a cigar standing over my California mule deer buck

I killed my first deer this season hunting on Californian public land. Here in California, there tends to be a lot of competition, minimal buck sightings, inaccessible areas for hunting, rough western country, and anything else you’d imagine that comes with hunting with an over-the-counter tag. After two unsuccessful seasons, I was able to finally pull the trigger Sunday morning of opening weekend. I learned that the adage about the real work starting after the shot is, in fact, true. With my Esee 4HM on my hip, Field & Stream Folder in my pocket, my Bahco Laplander folding saw in my pack, and 550 paracord; I had the toolsRead More →


My first pocket knife was a Swiss Army Classic that would make MacGyver proud. If Angus MacGyver could fashion thermite and small fertilizer bombs with his SAK, then about what he could do if he added pliers to the mix. One of the pitfalls to the SAK line is the lack of pliers on the pocketable models. The models that do have it, like the SwissChamp or VicorInox Handyman, just don’t seem robust enough for me. That, and they’re thick. If I were to EDC a SAK purely on size, I’d want it to be no bigger than the SAK Farmer. In fact, the Farm is almostRead More →