tool dip on a wet suit

Waterproofing a cheap wet suit can turn a $40 wet suit into something reasonably useful. The problem with lower end wet suits isn’t that the neoprene fabric itself isn’t waterproof, but more likely, the quality of stitching and ability to keep cold water out. With a bit of ingenuity, you can greatly improve the ability of a cheap wetsuit to keep water out. However, it may not be as nice against the skin as a nicer wetsuit. For this DIY, I’ll be focusing more on closed-cell neoprene, as that is the material that is more widely available and cheaper. Open-cell neoprene is usually found inRead More →

DIY Christmas Gift Inlayed Checkers Board

My friends and I decided that we are doing a DIY Christmas gift exchange this year, Secret Santa style. Because the group is starting to breed and buy up California shacks, there wasn’t as much disposable income to shower each other with $50 gifts as we’d normally do. The rules this year were simple: you can’t buy anything. While watching Alone Season 4 (surprise!), I noticed that two contestants, Brooke and Dave Whipple, had spent some time making a bushcraft DIY checkers board to keep themselves entertained. I figured I could take on a more colorful version of that for the family man whose nameRead More →

The sling weapon that David used to slay Goliath launches a stone with much more power by extending the thrower’s arm. Imagine David, a small man, standing in a battle arena with a 9-ft undefeated giant Goliath. The crowd laughs as David swings a length of rope with a stone in it above his head in a helicopter-like fashion while Goliath does crowd work and taunts David. David then hurls a stone, also known as a “sling bullet,” whizzing at Goliath’s head and dents his skull between the eyes. Goliath drops dead and the small man silences the crowd. How does this work? How canRead More →

“Recycle, reduce, reuse.” That’s a motto drilled into me as a kid and a mantra that we all should start living by. I know we’ve all seen some sort of plastic soda bottle or similar while out hiking and maybe it’s time to look at that garbage a little differently. Plastic bottles have some obvious uses and some that aren’t so obvious like making cordage. Some people have gone as far as making floating island habitats out of these things. This is one of the cooler videos that I’ve stumbled across. I’ve fashioned cordage from plant fibers before but never thought to fashion cordage fromRead More →