In a world full of high tech solar backpacks and GPS applications that digitize the experience of walking through tall grass, I can’t help but think that we’ve lost our ability to get lost. I indulge in the recollections of childhood when you could be on your way to adventure with just a pocket knife, a bandanna, and the lucky feather. On this high desert hike to see what adventure I can find, I also bring a cheap gimbal to record a video. The high desert chaparral is full of flora, fauna, and adventure. Going off of the trail and into the bush has rewardedRead More →

sak camper saw cutting through log

The SAK Camper, also known as the Victorinox Swiss Army Camper, is a workhorse of a multitool. While it is an obvious everyday carry option, I’m under the impression that there are many observed pitfalls to the reliability of one as a bushcraft tool. I’ve read of many experts that would gladly reach for a Swiss Army Knife and some survival schools are even promoting this as the only-tool of choice. I took the opportunity to take a light hike and do an SAK Camper review. It was the only tool I brought with me outside of my steel Klean Canteen, a fanny pack, andRead More →

Mike with a cigar standing over my California mule deer buck

I killed my first deer this season hunting on Californian public land. Here in California, there tends to be a lot of competition, minimal buck sightings, inaccessible areas for hunting, rough western country, and anything else you’d imagine that comes with hunting with an over-the-counter tag. After two unsuccessful seasons, I was able to finally pull the trigger Sunday morning of opening weekend. I learned that the adage about the real work starting after the shot is, in fact, true. With my Esee 4HM on my hip, Field & Stream Folder in my pocket, my Bahco Laplander folding saw in my pack, and 550 paracord; I had the toolsRead More →