“Recycle, reduce, reuse.” That’s a motto drilled into me as a kid and a mantra that we all should start living by. I know we’ve all seen some sort of plastic soda bottle or similar while out hiking and maybe it’s time to look at that garbage a little differently. Plastic bottles have some obvious uses and some that aren’t so obvious like making cordage. Some people have gone as far as making floating island habitats out of these things. This is one of the cooler videos that I’ve stumbled across. I’ve fashioned cordage from plant fibers before but never thought to fashion cordage fromRead More →

Tapping water from trees is a survival hack that many are familiar with, but limited to the types of trees that are in your area. While it’s not recommended to go around putting holes in trees, this survival hack could help you in a survival situation when you need to cover the basics. Further, the liquid is full of electrolytes that can help boost your energy levels while rehydrating you. It’s like nature’s Gatorade! Optional Equipment: These are to be used with their respective drill-bit sizes, but you can accomplish the same result with a bit of ingenuity. A knife, bamboo (or hollow stick), andRead More →